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Acoustic art for professionals

Acoustic art for professionals

Our acoustic artworks are designed to create a calm, comfortable and inviting atmosphere, promoting heightened productivity.

Elevate the acoustics at your office space with eco-friendly recycled materials, thoughtfully crafted and designed in Denmark.

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Did you know?

The average person use about 90.000 hours of their life at their office.

Therefore, we believe that well-being is a key factor for an organization's long-term effectiveness. Studies show a direct correlation between productivity levels and the overall health and well-being of the workforce (Workplace wellbeing: International Labour Organization. 2021). Excessive noise harms human health and disrupts people's daily activities. It can disturb sleep [...] and cause changes in social behavior (Noise. WHO Health. 2021)

Arch Ocean (Set of 6) - Ocean Blue

Les Deux: Stylish, modern work in concrete, wood and steel

The Danish clothing company Les Deux has come a long way since launching their first white T-shirt in 2009. Located on Amager, a stone's throw from Christiania, lies the old distillery Tap1. From the outside, it doesn't resemble a modern workplace, but the building is home to Les Deux's headquarters. Here, you'll find stylish 2,500 square meters welcoming you with a basketball court. The headquarters are designed in Scandinavian style with furniture from Paustian, a gym, a cocktail bar, adjoining paddle courts in neighboring buildings, and a showroom. The former distillery boasts a design structure of wood, concrete, glass, and steel. It's equipped with modern meeting rooms for employees: a necessity for the Danish clothing brand experiencing rapid growth. The meeting rooms are located on both the ground floor and the first floor.

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Arturel for professionals

Visit another part of our website designed for professionals in the interior design industry. At Arturel, we are passionate about helping architects, designers, purchasers, and project managers develop functional and aesthetic environments for ever-evolving work life by immersing ourselves in each company's culture. Discover our sales team, product information, and other resources.

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Best in class (B+)

95% of all acoustic solutions are permanent and cannot be moved. We don't believe that's sustainable. Our acoustic panels are designed for workplaces where flexibility is key. All our products are made so they can easily be relocated. If you outgrow your current space, you can take your improved acoustics with you.

PET Fire rating class: EN13501 CLASS B-s1, d0
ISO: Class C, EN ISO 354


Our felt is primarily made from recycled PET, with 75% being recycled plastic from the ocean. By using recycled materials, we contribute to improving the world for future generations. We are on a mission to use sustainable materials in a circular economy that does not compromise the planet, its people, or the art we create. Similarly, we strive to use as little material as possible, and we continue to optimize our production for a more sustainable future for all.