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Sand/Black StoneStone
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Stone - Natural beauty with sound-absorbing artwork

Our Stone collection combines raw natural elements with modern design to create an impressive visual and acoustic experience. Inspired by Stonehenge, these artworks reflect the timeless beauty of stones and minerals. They are ideal for those who want to bring nature into their home or workplace while also enjoying the benefits of improved sound quality. Experience the harmony between nature and acoustics with our unique Stone acoustic panels.

Inspiration from the Ancient Mystique of Nature

The Stone collection highlights the inherent beauty of stones and minerals through acoustic art. These artworks combine raw natural elements with modern design to create an impressive visual and acoustic experience. Inspired by designer Nital Patel’s time in England and the mystical Stonehenge, the Stone collection brings the ancient mystique of nature into modern interiors.

Enhanced sound quality and aesthetics

Our Stone acoustic panels bring a unique combination of natural beauty and advanced sound absorption to your home or workplace. Designed to effectively reduce reverberation and noise, they create a calm and pleasant atmosphere. By integrating elements inspired by stones and minerals, these panels offer both aesthetic value and acoustic functionality, making them an excellent solution for those seeking a harmonious balance between form and function.

Sustainability and quality inspired by nature

Our Stone artworks are made with acoustic felt, known for its excellent sound-absorbing properties. The quality of the felt helps reduce noise and improve room acoustics, while the recycled materials contribute to sustainability.

Unique design and flexible applications

With a design that reflects the natural beauty of stones, the Stone artworks offer a unique aesthetic that can be adapted to various rooms and interiors. Whether for the living room, office, or a commercial environment, the Stone collection provides both visual and acoustic enhancements.

Bring nature into your space

Experience the harmonious fusion of nature's beauty and acoustic functionality with the Stone collection. Let this artwork enrich your spaces with their natural aesthetics and impressive sound-absorbing properties. The Stone panels are not just decorative but also a functional addition to any modern room seeking both visual beauty and improved sound quality.

The sound of silence