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The style of Arch is based on a series of perfectly proportioned lines and arcs resulting in this unique artwork. The ascending layers give a distinctive three-dimensional expression, adding an extra dimension to any interior. 
Less Noise. Everywhere.
Best in class (A+)
Our acoustic panels offer fantastic sound-absorbing properties. They help ensure a better indoor climate by improving the acoustics, no matter which room you have.
Vores akustikpaneler tilbyder fantastiske lydabsorberende egenskaber. De er med til at sikre et bedre indeklima ved at forbedre akustikken, uanset hvilket rum du har.
Ocean Blue Modern workspace featuring Arturel blue Arch series acoustic panelArch series
Arch series Sale priceFrom €272,95
Ocean Blue
Natural Arch - Arturel X KvadratArch - Arturel X Kvadrat
Arch - Arturel X Kvadrat Sale priceFrom €437,95
Sand Beige Arturel Arch Mini acoustic art panel featuring layered curved designArturel's Arch Mini Series acoustic panel for walls in a close up
Mini Arch Sale price€54,95
Sand Beige


Arch - Create Harmony and Elegance with Acoustic Art in Soft Contours

Experience the perfect balance between aesthetics and sound absorption. At Arturel, our goal is to revolutionize workplaces and create spaces that are not only functional but also inspiring and enriching for everyone who occupies them. We believe that art has a magical ability to influence our minds and create harmony. Therefore, we have combined our passion for art with our desire to improve acoustics in modern spaces, creating acoustic art panels that are both visually pleasing and exceptionally sound-absorbing.

Acoustic panels for modern spaces

Our panels are more than just acoustic treatment - they are artworks designed to create calm, enhance creativity, and improve productivity. We believe that the physical environment we work and live in has a crucial impact on our well-being and performance. By combining our expertise in art and acoustics, we have created panels that are both visually appealing and effective at reducing noise and improving room acoustics. Additionally, they come in oak frames, making them stand out as artworks rather than just sound-absorbing panels.

Arch Acoustic Panels

Our Arch acoustic panels offer both a visual and auditory experience. Using soft curves and recycled textiles, we have created acoustic art panels that exude impressive aesthetics while providing excellent sound-absorbing properties. Each panel is meticulously constructed with multiple layers of acoustic felt, creating a sculptural depth and dimension, resulting in a functional artwork.

Sound-Absorbing panels tailored to your needs

We understand that every space is unique, which is why we offer the possibility to customize our Arch panels to your precise needs. Whether it is for your living room, office, or a commercial environment, our Arch panels can be tailored to perfectly fit the space and its decor. You can choose to use a single Arch as a focal point in the room or combine multiple panels to create larger square configurations. This flexibility allows you to create your own unique acoustic art installation that meets both your aesthetic preferences and improves the sound environment.

Sustainability and fusion of art and acoustics

Our felt-based construction is key to the remarkable sound-absorbing performance of our Arch panels. Felt is known for its excellent acoustic properties, helping to reduce reverberation and improve sound quality in the room. We are also proud of our sustainable approach to the production of our panels. Mainly made from recycled PET ocean plastic, our felt represents our commitment to reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable future.

The sound of silence