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The style of Arch is based on a series of perfectly proportioned... 


Everyday objects should be beautiful as well as functional. This is why the... 

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Easy to install

Our mounting system makes the installation of our acoustic panels simple and quick.

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  • Jakob
    Super quality

    Fantastic service from Anders, who is extremely dedicated - both to his product and his customers. I was lucky enough to get a guided tour of the showroom and also got some nice samples, which helped with our decision. I bought 4 pieces of 60x60 Arch which work both visually and sound dampening. The biggest recommendation from here.

  • Simon Lyhne
    A real pleasure

    I've had a really good experience shopping at Arturel for our new art and acoustics in one. Good customer service and fast delivery, super easy and good.

    The products (Wave and Arch) are beautiful, aesthetic and the acoustics seem better than our standard acoustic panels in the living room. I totally recommend 👍

  • Jonas Cortnum Poulsen
    Fully recommended

    I bought 4 pieces of Wave 60x60 for our dining room - it has taken part of our reverberation and it gets many compliments from our guests.

  • Simon
    We bought again

    We bought Arturel for the second time to decorate our new kitchen. We chose the super cool green Wave in both Long and Tile. It was again really easy to set up and it is designed so you can rotate the piece and thereby create more expressions. The sound-absorbing art fits perfectly with our conversation kitchen!

  • JL
    Great trendy art

    Beautiful, environmentally friendly and varied art that is easy to hang and contributes to good room acoustics. I can recommend everyone!

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  • Home office

    Improve the feel of and acoustics in your home office. A set of 4 Arch panels could be the perfect match.

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  • Meeting room

    Enhance the acoustics and aesthetics of your meeting room with a set of our Wave Long panels.

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  • Bedroom

    Add quiet beauty to your bedroom and feel calm with the Arch series.

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  • Living room

    Better the overall acoustics in and look of your living or dining room with a Wave Original.

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  • Bathroom

    Take your bathroom to the next level with our Wave series. All our artworks are designed to withstand moist environments.

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  • Kitchen

    In many families the kitchen is the heart of the house; It is where we are together. Improve the acoustics with our Wave tiles.

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Designed and made in Denmark.

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Best in class quality (A+)

Our acoustic panels offer fantastic sound-absorbing properties. They help to ensure a better interior environment by improving the acoustics in whatever space you have.

The felt used for Arturel panels has a sound absorption coefficient (NRC) of 0.85 measured 200mm away from the wall.

NRC denotes the total absorption of incoming sound, which goes from 0 (total reflection) to 1.00 (total absorption).

Compared to other sound-absorbing materials, Arturel delivers a better all round sound experience.

Acoustic art designed for better well-being.

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“The quality and beauty of Arturel’s acoustic art is outstanding!”

– Ulf Gaardsted, Fellow Workspace ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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