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Article: Special edition and art exhibition at Copenhagen event

Special edition and art exhibition at Copenhagen event

Special edition and art exhibition at Copenhagen event

In the summer of 2022, we had the pleasure of presenting our special edition Reflective series at a special event in Copenhagen.

We presented a special series to the gathered crowd where the artworks combined Arturel’s acoustic felt and mirror elements.

In the Reflective series, the acoustic felt swirls around the mirror. This breaks the materialism of the felt but also the composition of elements.

The artworks represent quiet beauty at its core. The composition and decision to elevate some of the elements create a sense of depth and lift the artwork to become an experience for the viewer.

The mirrors reflect its surroundings, turning the artwork into a part of its environment while still keeping its peaceful elements at the heart of the work.

The artworks have elements repeated throughout each piece. This creates a sense of cohesion to the series while each and every one of the art pieces have their own characteristics shaped through its individual elements and stylish combination of material, shape and colour. A testimonial to the series’ geometric shapes is the merging of a clear aesthetic throughout size, depth and elements.

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